rolls, rolling, rolled
1) V-ERG When something rolls or when you roll it, it moves along a surface, turning over many times.

[V prep/adv] The ball rolled into the net...

[V prep/adv] Their car went off the road and rolled over...

[V n prep] I rolled a ball across the carpet...

[V n prep] Roll the meat in coarsely ground black pepper to season it.

2) VERB If you roll somewhere, you move on a surface while lying down, turning your body over and over, so that you are sometimes on your back, sometimes on your side, and sometimes on your front.

[V prep/adv] When I was a little kid I rolled down a hill and broke my leg...

[V prep/adv] They just rolled about on the floor punching each other like schoolboys...

[V prep/adv] She rolled over and propped herself up on her elbows.

3) VERB When vehicles roll along, they move along slowly.

[V prep/adv] The lorry quietly rolled forward and demolished all the old wooden fencing.

4) VERB If a machine rolls, it is operating.

He slipped and fell on an airplane gangway as the cameras rolled...

The newspaper presses are rolling in Pittsburgh again today.

5) VERB If drops of liquid roll down a surface, they move quickly down it.

[V down n] She looked at Ginny and tears rolled down her cheeks.

6) VERB If you roll something flexible into a cylinder or a ball, you form it into a cylinder or a ball by wrapping it several times around itself or by shaping it between your hands.

[V n into n] He took off his sweater, rolled it into a pillow and lay down on the grass...

[V n] He rolled and lit another cigarette.

Roll up means the same as roll.

Also V n P V P n (not pron) Stein rolled up the paper bag with the money inside.

7) N-COUNT: usu N of n A roll of paper, plastic, cloth, or wire is a long piece of it that has been wrapped many times around itself or around a tube.
See also toilet roll

The photographers had already shot a dozen rolls of film.

...a roll of blue insulated wire.

8) VERB If you roll up something such as a car window or a blind, you cause it to move upwards by turning a handle. If you roll it down, you cause it to move downwards by turning a handle.

[V n with adv] In mid-afternoon, shopkeepers began to roll down their shutters...

[V n with adv] She rolled up the window and drove on...

[V n with adv] He rolled his window down and gave the man the money.

9) V-ERG If you roll your eyes or if your eyes roll, they move round and upwards. People sometimes roll their eyes when they are frightened, bored, or annoyed. [WRITTEN]

[V n] People may roll their eyes and talk about overprotective, interfering grandmothers...

His eyes rolled and he sobbed.

10) N-COUNT A roll is a small piece of bread that is round or long and is made to be eaten by one person. Rolls can be eaten plain, with butter, or with a filling.

He sipped at his coffee and spread butter and marmalade on a roll.

11) N-COUNT A roll of drums is a long, low, fairly loud sound made by drums.
See also drum roll

As the town clock struck two, they heard the roll of drums.

12) N-COUNT: with supp A roll is an official list of people's names.

Pro-democracy activists say a new electoral roll should be drawn up.

13) See also , rock and roll, sausage roll
14) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If someone is on a roll, they are having great success which seems likely to continue. [INFORMAL]

I made a name for myself and I was on a roll, I couldn't see anything going wrong.

15) PHRASE: PHR n (feelings) If you say roll on something, you mean that you would like it to come soon, because you are looking forward to it. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

Roll on the day someone develops an effective vaccine against malaria.

16) PHRASE: pl-n PHR, v-link PHR If something is several things rolled into one, it combines the main features or qualities of those things.

Experts claimed that teachers had to be Einstein, Marie Curie and Linford Christie rolled into one to help children grasp the new national curriculum...

This is our kitchen, sitting and dining room all rolled into one.

17) to start the ball rollingsee ball
heads will rollsee head
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